Religions & Christianity

The Greeks told us to be moderate by knowing our inclinations.
The Romans told us to be strong by ordering our lives.
Buddhism tells us to be disillusioned by annihilating our consciousness.
Hinduism tells us to be absorbed by emerging our souls.
Islam tells us to be submissive by subjecting our wills.
Catholicism tells us Christ died for our sins BUT we MUST rely on good works to be received into heaven.
Agnosticism tells us to be at peace by ignoring our doubts.
Moralism tells us to be good by discharging our obligations.
ONLY the Gospel tells us to be free by acknowledging our failures.
ONLY the Gospel invites, allows and establishes a relationship with a creator.
ONLY the Gospel has a founder that tells us not to bring our doings but to bring our needs.

Theophilus-Acts Chap. 1= Lover of God
Definition of Theo means God. God is the origin of all things. Scientists use the word “Theory” to try and define, describe and prove scientific things and the world itself yet the word itself comes from the Bible from the name Theophilus. So, why would scientists use the word God to try to disprove God?


Here are just some examples of Why God Is Real:


Why doesn’t any other religion claim to have created man?

Why doesn’t any other religion claim to know where man came from?

Why doesn’t any other religion offer salvation, redemption or reconciliation?


When was the last time you saw someone become human from an ape? From a fish?

If we came from apes, why aren’t there any humans being transformed now? Why don’t we see some in the process?

If evolution were true, why did it stop? Why don’t we see the species we evolved from continue to evolve? Why aren’t humans still evolving from apes?

Why don’t we ever find skeletons of partial ape and partial human that died or were killed?

Big Bang Theory

How can something (us, animals, buildings or anything) come from nothing?

Why don’t we see other populated “earths” or populated universes with humans? Surely the “explosion would have spread throughout the entire universe and not “coincidentally” all landed to populate the Earth.

How could an “explosion” of a rock happen when there was no universe? If the universe was there first how did it form? Someone had to create it or it could not exist.

When have you ever seen ANYTHING form on its own out of nothing?

 God’s Name In Vain

Why don’t people ever say “Buddah damn it!” or, “Harie Krishna damn it!” or, “Muhammed damn it!” or, “Allah damn it!” or any of the other religious leaders names?

Why, throughout history have people been slamming and profaning a God that doesn’t exist?

If God does not exist and Christ was/is not real then why is He so offensive to so many?


Why do clichés come from the bible but nowhere else?


By the skin of my teeth (Book of Job )

A thorn in my side (Paul’s post conversion health) & Old Testament Book of Numbers

Simon the sorcerer-“Simon Says”


If the bible weren’t true where did we get our laws from? Why did the world copy the laws of the bible to regulate society?

Why didn’t our laws come from other religions?

Why is the entire world’s laws based on those of the bible?

Why do no other religions claim that laws came from them and not the bible and God’s word?

Examples of laws:

The Ten Commandments


Why is so much of our calendar based on biblical structure?

 Eternal Salvation

Why don’t other religions claim eternal salvation?

 The Human Body

The Heart

The circulatory system

The nervous system

The eyes

The ear

The nose



Digestive system





How is it that the only explanation for animals comes from God’s word in the bible? No other religion offers any explanation of where animals came from, their origin or how they got here.

How is it that we and they have a natural food chain through animals?

Why doesn’t any other religion claim the process of the food chain?

Why doesn’t any other religion claim the creation or naming of animals?


How is it that the male and female organs are designed to fit and function as they do?

Why do they have the sensations they have?

How is it that a human being can be created through sex and the birthing process?

How do you explain the miracle of birth?

How do you explain DNA and the genetics of a human being?

How do you explain that children look, sound, and have the characteristics of their parents?


Rainbow was a symbol of peace and God’s covenant and is over His throne-Gay agenda has coveted this symbol and mocked it


 God made a covenant with Israel that no one shall be able to overtake it or utterly destroy it. Yet today, this small and tiny country wags the tail of the whole world and no one can defeat it.

Why is Israel referred to as “The Holy Land” if there is no God? Why is there so much religious history?


Christianity is the only religion that has blood in it from someone that promises a sustained life.

Christianity is the only religion where God reaches down to save man. All others require that man work his way up to God.

There Is No Other Name

“There is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved” (Acts 4.12).


Look Around You

"The Heavens declare the Glory of God. The skies proclaim the work of His hands." (Psalm 19)

Birth and Evolution

Have you ever really wondered or examined the miracle of birth? Not just human birth but the birth of all creatures. The similarities, the life in it, the process?

The miracle of birth is just that. A miracle. It cannot be denied. It is impossible for it to be anything but designed by a Creator.

If evolution was true, then why haven't we seen things and humans continue to evolve? Did it just stop? When was the last time you saw someone evolve from a fish, an ape or a tree or a rock?

Why is it that when scientists try and say that something is 100 million years old they always use exact round numbers and always in the millions or hundreds of millions? And more importantly, why does it always change. First it's 100 million then in another statement it might be 500 million. If their data or carbon testing is so accurate then why can't they proclaim that something is more exact like 137,348,236 years old? It's because they can't. It's made up.


A Call To Action

I Want To Surrender My Life To Jesus Christ.